Deserter: Creative Team

Creative Team for Deserter, 2018 World Premiere

Director: Arne MacPherson

Dramaturg: Chris Gerrard-Pinker

Video and Lighting Design: Jaymez

Sound Design: Emma Hendrix


Jeff Strome as Curtis Colby

Brittany Thiessen as Jessica Wiebe

Andrew Cecon as Staff Sargent Yeo

Majdi Bou-Matar as Abdallah

Ray Strachan as Dr Zipkin

The development of this script would not have been possible without input and guidance from Joshua Key, Alexina Key, Amir Al-Azraki, Chris Gerrard-Pinker, Brad Fraser, Amar Khoday, Michael Eleff, Rory Runnells and Linsea Allen.

A big thanks to the actors who have been involved in Deserter’s development: Jeff Strome, Charlene Van Buekenhout, Andrew Cecon, Majdi Bou Matar, Steven Ratzlaff, Arne MacPherson, Michael Lawrenchuk, Karl Thordarson, Omar Alex Khan, Kevin Anderson, Ray Strachan, Nick Cumming, Pam Patel, Brad Cook, and Matt White and a big thanks to our many friends and supporters who attended the readings and gave valuable feedback.