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big changes

September 9, 2012 Posted by Daniel

Hi everybody.

As you may have noticed, or as I may have told you by email, there are big changes going on at the Moving Target Theatre Company.

We’ve got a new email program, so I won’t have to spend hours cutting and pasting email addresses every time I send something out (if you’re not on the email list and you want to be, go to the Contact page). We’ve made all kinds of updates to the website. I attended the Magnetic North Theatre Festival and Summerworks in recent months. The plan is, in the next couple of years, to start bringing Moving Target’s original theatre creations to audiences beyond the Perimeter Highway. I may have to swim through the moat.

But most excitingly, I am back in the rehearsal hall with my friend, mentor and director/dramaturg, Chris Gerrard-Pinker. We’re creating a new one-man-show called Good People Bad Things. We spent a couple of weeks working on this project last June, then again last September, and now we have… just over 5 weeks to complete the script, rehearse it and get it up on its feet. The race is on!

Well, actually the race has been on for two weeks now. We started with 59 pages of material and we have generated many more pages. And it’s good material, it’s really interesting, even if it’s not quite a script yet. Yesterday, we sorted all the material into 6 piles. Chris said, “We need paperclips.”

I’m going to be using the home page of this website as a blog. One of my friends has even left a comment on one of the pages! You’re welcome to do the same, maybe it’s a trend that will catch on. Whether you do or not – keep checking this site – I’m planning to write something every Sunday. Who knows what will happen by next Sunday. I don’t think we’ll have a script, but I hope we’ll be well on our way.

Your moving target,


New Website

June 1, 2012 Posted by Daniel

Welcome to the Moving Target Theatre Company’s new website!

Moving Target is a small, independent company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, whose mission is β€œTo produce challenging, innovative theatre with a variety of themes and styles – theatre with a moving target.”

Check out the pages! Check out the photos! Enjoy!