September 16, 2012

September 16, 2012 Posted by Daniel

Today is the end of our third week of workshop/rehearsal.

And how’s the script coming? Well, slowly but surely. We got a lot done this week, although there is still a lot to do. Four more weeks till tech. It’s dense material, there’s lots of information, I’ve done a lot of writing since our first draft last October and the big question remains: How do we make it work, theatrically?

The good news is we took a look at our first draft, and it basically works, theatrically. So we went, “Oh. We’ve got a script! Worst comes to worst, we can just use that.” But, of course, we want to make it better. And we can. This week, I took a lot of the rewritten scenes and went back to the original versions. But a few things from the new versions are staying in. And a whole bunch of scenes have gone back to the simplicity and straightforwardness they had last fall, but with the story much improved. So all the work so far has been worthwhile. The script is, slowly but surely, getting to where it needs to be.

We’ve got all the pages laid out on the floor of the rehearsal hall (the Rocker at 91 Albert St), and I think it looks really cool, so here are some pictures.

Thanks for reading, and check back next Sunday for another update on the progress of Good People Bad Things, which will be playing October 18-28.

And we’ve got a Facebook Page. Join if you want. Invite your Friends.

And tonight is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. So Shana Tova – a healthy and happy new year.

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