GPBT at Prismatic (Dartmouth, NS) and upcoming projects…

August 6, 2014 Posted by Daniel

This winter, my friend and prolific photographer Leif Norman, told me I should be posting constantly on my website.

I said “But I’m not doing anything.”

He said “Yes you are!”

And he’s right. But what I meant was 1) I didn’t have any shows coming up

and 2) publishing things on the internet makes me super-anxious!

I realize Leif is right. I have been working on many projects, including this video for the SpiderWeb Project (but: see excuse #2). And I’ll add some other videos – a speech I made recently and some street theatre I did with Independent Jewish Voices (same page).

But, more importantly: I now have some shows coming up!



Good People Bad Things in Prismatic, Aug 21-24. Please invite your Haligonian and Dartmouthian friends! Actually, anyone on the East Coast.

Here’s the Facebook Page.



I’m co-directing a play in Winnipeg being produced by Jewish Child and Family Service. It’s called Not in Our Family and explores the subject of elder abuse. It’s in Russian with English subtitles. All the actors are volunteers from the Russian-speaking community. Sunday, Sept 7, 2:00pm at the Berney Theatre in Winnipeg. More info to come.

And I’m working on a new play called Deserter. An American soldier fighting in Iraq deserts and comes to Canada. I’m planning to finish the first draft and do a staged reading this October. More details to come.

Thanks for reading this post!

I will write another one soon. Much sooner than the summer of 2015. Probably.


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